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Our services for the downstream sector in Oil and Gas helps to your organization for the Testing, inspection, measurement, etc.

Also helps services related to the downstream oil and gas industry supporting customer needs in refineries, terminals, ships, barges, pipelines, gas processing plants, chemical plants, retail distribution networks, and more, from us.

As experienced service providers to the oil and gas business, we understand the constant demands and challenges your operations encounter. Our downstream oil and gas services help ensure the quality, efficiency, safety and profitability of your operations. We support customers along the entire hydrocarbon supply chain.

From the well-head to the refinery, to distribution and retail, our technical services support industry processing, transportation, storage, and custody transfer of petroleum, refined products, gases and petrochemicals.

Feedstock and refined products tested and inspected include:

  • Crude oil and other feedstocks
  • Natural gas, LNG, LPG, NGL
  • Refined petroleum products
  • Petrochemicals
  • Other products

Downstream oil and gas services include:

  • Cargo custody transfer:
    • Inspection, testing and reporting
    • Ships, barges, tanks and pipeline experience
    • Domestic and international movements